Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Blog Series "Vendor Profile"

Hello Everyone!!!

The North City Farmers’ Market has been going strong for thirteen weeks now and we are excited for the time remaining! For much of the summer we have enjoyed great musical acts and increasing new customers to the market. We hope to continue this success in September and October.  In addition to changing seasons, we are excited to unveil a new series on our blog site titled “Vendor Profile.”

“Vendor Profile” will be a series of blog posts that specifically describes and informs readers about our wonderful vendors at North City Farmers’ Market. A huge part of our success at the market is due to loyal vendors who contribute to our mission of improving community health in Old North. We hope “Vendor Profile” can provide insightful information about some of the popular merchants while also attracting new customers to the market!

Check out our first “Vendor Profile” which features Mr. Willie Macklin of DM Farms.

Be sure to check out our blog frequently for more updates and new profiles!

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