Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vendor Profile: WM Farms

Who: Mr. Willie Macklin, Owner of WM Farms.
What: Locally grown fruits and vegetables.
Where: WM Farms is based out of Berkeley, MO.
When: Purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at the Farmers’ Market every Saturday, 10am-1pm!

Mr. Willie Macklin has participated in the North City Farmers’ Market for the past five years. Some of his most popular goods include cucumbers, tomatoes and jalapenos. This winter he plans to harvest honey to sell a next year’s Farmers’ Market. Mr. Macklin enjoys the opportunity to sell his produce at the Farmers’ market but he especially appreciates making his produce affordable for all.

Check out the blog next week for a new vendor profile!

For more information about being a vendor at the North City Farmers’ Market, please email or call 314.241.5031.


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